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The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) is a member-based organisation that is more than a hundred years old and that has more than 226 000 members. The SSNC works to save the life of nature, as well as promote human health and global solidarity. Many of the environmental problems the SSNC works with are global, such as climate change and the spread of chemicals. In order to influence the conditions for global sustainable development, work is therefore required across international borders.

What we do

The SSNC’s global work is based on the operational areas that the organisation has decided on for the Swedish operation – agriculture and food security, climate, marine ecosystems and fisheries, chemicals and forest – as well as sustainable consumption.


By promoting Green Action Week and Big Shift Global, the SSNC wishes to contribute towards stronger organisations, active and knowledgeable consumers, as well as political decisions that drive developments in a sustainable direction.


In order to maximise our results we confine ourselves to a total of ten countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The ten countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, the Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Ukraine.


Do you have complaints about inaccuracies or irregularities in our association or any of the partner organizations SSNC supports? Our goal is to develop our work even more and we want to have an open and productive dialogue with members and the public.


The SSNC’s global work is founded on a conviction that change is driven by commitment, knowledge and determination. All work must be rightsbased and permeated by awareness of gender issues, and the endeavour for equality between the genders.


We keep a watchful eye on the world, and the environment. Read our blog posts here.

Strategies and reports

Contact information

Visiting address: Naturskyddsföreningen, Åsögatan 115, Stockholm

Postal address: Box 4625, 116 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46-8-702 65 00

Opening hours: Weekdays 9–14, closed for lunch 11.30–12.30

Our office is situated 200 meters from the metro station Medborgarplatsen or 500 meters from the train station Södra station


Employees working with Global Issues

Leif Newman
Head of Department for global coordination
+46-70-797 25 17
Alexander Sjöberg
Senior Policy Advisor Sustainable consumption
+46-76-109 28 44
Kit Wa Lai
Programme Manager
Agriculture and food security
Malin Stråle
Programme Manager Agriculture
+46-8-702 63 07
Amira Andersson
Programme Manager Tropical forest
+46-8-702 65 66
Maria Klerfelt
Programme Manager Climate
+46-8-702 65 49
Andreas Prevodnik
Senior Policy Advisor Chemicals
+46-8-702 65 33
Maria Rydlund
Senior Policy Advisor Tropical forest
+46-8-702 65 08
Anna Östergren
Senior Policy Advisor Climate
+46-8-702 65 58
Nils Viklund
Programme Manager Chemicals
+46-8-702 63 09
Elie Metni
Financial Officer
+46-70-330 77 57
Sandra Lempert
Deputy Head of Department for global coordination
+46-8-702 63 90
Emma Westlin
+46-8-702 63 37
Sara Fröcklin
Senior Policy Advisor Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries
+46-8-702 65 27
Erika Eckeskog Kalu
Programme Manager Marine ecosystems and fisheries
+46-70-892 94 36
Sara Nilsson
Programme Manager Sustainable consumption
+46-8-702 65 61
Gabrielle Holmström
Financial Officer
+46-8-702 65 62
Åsa Nilsson
M & E Advisor
+46-70-824 36 72
Gunilla Eitrem
Senior Policy Advisor Agriculture and food security
+46-8-702 65 53

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