Chemical and cosmetic products

The criteria for chemical products are applicable for all types of chemical products and makes it possible to eco-label everything from cosmetics, such as soap and shampoo, to detergents and degreasers with Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice).

Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice) stands out for short turnaround times and unambiguous criteria. There is rarely any uncertainty, making work easy at the product development stage. The list of approved chemicals is very useful!
B-G Lilja, product developer and occupational hygienist, PLS

The public consultation regarding new criteria for ”Good Environmental Choice Chemical Products” and ”Good Environmental Choice Cosmetic Products” is now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted comments. The comments will now be reviewed. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of the draft consultation documents.

The coming years Naturskyddsföreningen will focus on cosmetic products, for example by having a campaign focusing on increasing awareness about cosmetic products among young people. One focus is also to increase the amount of eco-labelled products in shops.

With our eco-label, we want to reduce the use of harmful chemical substances and minimize the adverse effects on the environment and human health. Labelling your products with Bra Miljöval is a convenient and trustworthy way of communicating the environmental aims of your company.

Some of the requirements

  • Ingredients in a labelled product must be readily biodegradable and have a low toxicity to to aquatic organisms. In addition, bioaccumulative chemicals are banned.
  • Phosporous must not be added to the product since it contributes to eutrophication.
  • To minimize the risk for skin sensitisation, perfumes are not allowed in childrens products. For the same reason, perfumes and plant extracts must fulfill strict criteria to be permitted in products which are intended for adults.
  • All compounds that are suspected to be carcinogenic or toxic to reproduction are forbidden.
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals listed on the SIN list 2.0 as well as those included in the SIN list on October 8, 2014 du to their endocrine disrupting properties are not allowed.
  • Allergenic preservatives, such as isothiazolinones, are banned.
  • To reduce the climate impact, any company applying for Bra Miljöval must have an environmental agenda for their transports.
  • The product packaging must fulfill strict requirements.


  • Application fee per license: SEK 12 000

  • Annual license fee: 0.3 percent of the product sales, but at least SEK 2500 per license. Read more in the terms and conditions to the right.

How it works

Stage 1

Download the criteria. Read and judge if the product meets the requirements.

Step 2

Download the application form and license terms and conditions. Fill out and submit the application. Make sure that all necessary attachments and additional documents (e.g. toxicity reports) are added.

Step 3

An invoice with the application fee will be sent to you. All applicants are given the opportunity to supplement and correct the application if needed.


  • Annual license fee: 0.3 percent of the product´s turnover, with a minimum fee of 2 500 SEK per licence. Fees related to changes of for example the recipe or packaging, can be found in the licence terms and conditions.

Approval of a new ingredient

It is also possible to apply for approval of a single ingredient. For example, you may apply in advance for several perfumes, which greatly facilitates the assessment procedure when you decide to switch the perfume in the product to another.

In order for an assessment to be made you need to fill out the forms found to the right. Use "Form for assessing a fragrance" for fragrances and "Form for assessing an ingredient" for all other ingredients.

For surfactants, solvents, complexing agents or preservatives this assessment cost 5 500 SEK/ingredient For other chemical substances this assessment cost 2 200 SEK/ingredient.

Secrecy agreements may be signed if requested, but information in coded form has to be open.

A company’s specific trade name for a substance can be added to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s list of approved chemicals. In order to do so you need to send us a safety data sheet. The cost is 2 200 SEK/ingredient. It is only possible to add substances that are already approved, and it is not possible to add an additional trade name for a fragrance.