Passenger transports

A travel labeled with Good Environmental Choice meet high demands on climate affection, energy use, electric production and on environmental and health hazardous emissions.

An ecolabeled travel meets high demands on:

  • environmental and health hazardous emissions,
  • low emissions of greenhouse gases,
  • energy efficiency and on
  • the electricity. All electricity for electric driven transports is from 100 percent renewable recourses, where of at least 50 percent is labeled with Good Environmental Choice. Read more about that here

Are you interested in applying for Good Environmental Choice for your Passenger transports?

All forms of passenger transports can be labeled with Good Environmental Choice. It is the travel service itself that can be labeled, not the vehicle or the transport company. You will find the criteria here 

Please contact Marielle Aspevall if you have any questions:

Marielle Aspevall: +46-70-921 97 22