Pictures from study visits

Pictures from study visits

Through a partnership with IKEA Sweden, we offer secondary schools (ages 13-15) to participate in a special ESD*-concept. A selection of our exercises are combined with a study visit to one of IKEAs stores, in order for the students to practise their skills and knowledge in real life. (*Education for Sustainable Development)

Students and staff-member at IKEA Sundsvall.


André Nyström

IKEA Jönköping: IKEA explains how they are working with all of the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

IKEA Kungens Kurva (Stockholm): Students ask IKEA questions about the company's sustainability practices and policies.

IKEA Sundsvall: Students taking a closer look at products made of reused, recycled or more resource-efficient materials. Pillows made of recycled plastic bottles? Carpets made of waste pieces of fabric? Bamboo cutting boards? 

IKEA Uddevalla: Students and their textiles teacher examining a pillowcase made of linen.

IKEA Bäckebol (Gothenburg): Students trying out the repacking robot at the recovery station.

IKEA Linköping: Students taking a closer look at products and functions in a kitchen showroom.

IKEA Jönköping: Co-worker explains how IKEA works to recover products and minimize waste.

IKEA Malmö: Students and IKEA co-worker at the recycling station.


IKEA Karlstad: IKEA co-workers presenting the schedule of the study-visit; Sustainability strategy followed by station food, station textiles and station recovery - and finally, a meatball/veggieball lunch.

IKEA Örebro: IKEA co-worker showing students how products are repacked in order to reduce waste.

IKEA Västerås: Problem-solving in one of IKEA's showrooms.

IKEA Haparanda: How does IKEA work with transport efficiency - and why the flat packages?

 IKEA Bäckebol (Gothenburg): Students marking products they think are produced from more sustainable material or help people live more sustainably at home.

IKEA Älmhult: IKEA co-worker showing how products with damaged packaging can be repacked instead of being thrown away.

IKEA Helsingborg: "Fika" - an energy refill for hungry students about to explore.