Our Global Campaigns

By promoting the campaigns Green Action Week and Big Shift Global, the SSNC wishes to contribute towards stronger organisations, active and knowledgeable consumers, as well as political decisions that drive developments in a sustainable direction.

Green Action Week

Green Action Week, governed by SSNC, is a global campaign to promote sustainable consumption. Each year in October, organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas take joint action to promote a common cause. With the theme “Sharing Community”, Green Action Week seeks to highlight practical examples of more sustainable ways to access goods and services.

With “Sharing Community”, we are addressing the elephant of consumption. For a large part of the world’s population, increased consumption is a key aspect in the righteous strife for better lives. But parallel to this, another part of the population is over-consuming beyond reason. With the theme “Sharing Community”, we want to challenge the norm of private ownership and consumerism and help create strong collaborating communities. Because access to goods and services is unequal and planetary boundaries are being breached. But we believe that cultures of sharing and collaboration can be reignited, as a way to create sustainable access for more while, at the same time, reducing stress on the planet.

For more information, visit www.greenactionweek.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greenactionweek

Big Shift Global

SSNC is part of the Big Shift Global, a multi-stakeholder, global campaign coordinated by organisations from the Global North and South. The Big Shift globally has a vision that will get clean, decentralised, renewable energy to the people who need it most, by bringing an end to subsidies and investments in dirty fuels such as coal, oil and gas, and instead inspiring investment in a new kind of sustainable future.

Together, we aim to make the people’s views on energy finance known to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), their Executive Directors, as well as the Heads of State and Finance Ministers of the members countries. Leveraging public opinion is crucial to aligning decisions made by the MDBs with long-term climate safety and poverty goals – this inevitably involves a shift away from financing any form of fossil fuels to financing clean, sustainable, renewable energy for all.

For more information, visit https://bigshiftglobal.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigshiftglobal/

Twitter: #BigShift

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