Grocery shops

The Good Environmental Choice label for grocery shops is one of the tools used by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for promoting progress toward a sustainable society.

These criteria include basic requirements and yearly requirements. The basic requirements ensure a very good basic level of environmental effort at the shop. The yearly requirements cause the shop to devote special attention to different areas of its operations and assume some new challenges every year.

The basic requirements for a shop labelled Good Environmental Choice designation can be summarised as follows:

  • the shop has a large range of organic groceries 
  • the shop has a large range of ecolabelled chemical products 
  • the shop has chosen not to sell products such as king prawns that are harmfull from an environmental standpoint 
  • the shop carries out authentic environmental work of its own

All basic requirements must be fulfilled in order for the shop to bear the Good Environmental Choice designation. 

The yearly requirements have different themes and are different from year to year. The yearly requirements list a number of measures that the shop should be able to accomplish to improve its environmental work within the area.