Ecolabelled insurances

Swedish consumers pay billions of kronor every year for their insurances, often without any restrictions as of where this money is invested, or how damaged products are repaired. With an insurance labelled Good Environmental Choice you can put higher environmental demands on your insurance products!

Insurances have a higher environmental impact than you might think. The insurance premium is often invested in sectors that are damaging to our environment and reparations due to settlements of claim for damage often have a high environmental impact.  

With insurances labelled with our ecolabel “Bra Miljöval” (Good Environmental Choice) your insurance premium is invested in more sustainable sectors instead of fossil fuel and weapons. Emissions, energy consumption and use of resources are reduced. The use of damaging chemicals in the settlements of claim for damage is diminished and repairs are conducted with a higher level of use of recycled materials. 

Since 2011 we offer ecolabel criteria for car and house insurances and today we are proud to see that over 20 % of all car and house insurances on the Swedish market are labelled with Bra Miljöval. Our aim is that more insurance companies work harder with these issues and offer ecolabelled insurances in the future.

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