Beyond the Fossil Era: Pupils’ assignment

This is an instruction for your own contribution to the museum exhibition about the transition to a fossil-free society. Remember that you are currently living in 2053 and looking back in time.

Your contribution

Welcome to year 2053!

Eight years ago, in 2045, Sweden became the first country in the world to reach net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases. The Swedish government wants to celebrate that, and you are invited to an exhibition in a museum that has just opened. The exhibition looks back on the fossil-fuelled society we have left behind and all the changes that took place during the transition years. You are tasked with creating your own contribution to the exhibition.

Use your creativity and imagination. As much as possible, back up your story with available facts as much.


Your task:

1. You are currently living in year 2053 and will now make your contribution to the museum exhibition. Think about something that was unsustainable when you were young in the 2020s, or an important event that sparked a change during the transition years up leading up to 2053. Brainstorm:

  • Why was it unsustainable? What needed to change?
  • Why did it exist? Why did people behave in this way?
  • What object could symbolize this in the museum?
    Find inspiration and information from reliable sources relating to the timeline 1849-2053.

2. Write the story behind the change! How did the change occur? Take inspiration from the slideshow "How did society change?". What were the central important events? Was it a specific person, corporation, organization, politician, protest, law or trend that drove the change? What kinds of resistance existed? Name the important places, dates and years. Also remember to include at least two forces and tools in your story that brought about change. Describe the characters, places and events.

3. Illustrate your story with something that can be exhibited in the museum; for example, a photograph, an illustration, a model, a sculpture, a video clip or a diorama.

4. Present your contribution in the manner decided upon by the class.

Best of luck (and have fun)!

Bli först att gilla!

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