Cow pat (2052)

Excrement from Swedish Red Poll.

Cows became a hot topic in the beginning of the transition era. To be or not to be: vegetarian, vegan or pescetarian? This debate once raged through pop culture and high politics alike. During the fossil era, the average Swede chomped their way through 750 grams of meat each week. Just imagine – that is like having #meatfridays every single day of the week!

Like so many environmental issues, however, it was not a simple matter: on one hand, the gases produced by a cow’s digestive system contribute to global warming; on the other hand, their grazing benefits biodiversity, and they are vital to organic agriculture. The fact that we barely import any meat in Sweden today is due to immense consumer pressure, resulting in the establishment of economic and legal incentives which encourage farmers to keep fewer animals over a larger and more diverse grazing area.

Pescetarian: Someone who doesn’t eat red meat, but does eat fish and shellfish.

Biodiversity: Diversity in species, ecosystems and genes. Biodiversity is key to functioning ecosystems, our survival and for the right of all species to exist.

This text is part of the future scenario and study material Beyond the Fossil Era.

Bli först att gilla!

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