Beyond the Fossil Era – pupil’s assignment

Now it is time to create your own contribution to the exhibition.

Your contribution

Welcome to 2053! The Swedish government has just opened the museum FOSSIL and its first exhibition to celebrate that Sweden achieved net-zero emissions by 2045 — thus being the first country in the world to do so!

The museum contains objects from the fossil era and tells the story of how they fell out of use or were replaced by something else.

Your assignment is to contribute with an object to the museum that serves as a symbol of the fossil society!

Your task:

  1. Identify something that is currently unsustainable from a climate perspective. Brainstorm:
    - Why is it unsustainable?
    - Why does it exist? Which need did it fulfil?
    - Which object may symbolise this at the museum (opening in 2053)?

    Find inspiration and information from reliable sources.
  2. Create the story behind that object!

    What has replaced the object or is there no longer any need for it in 2053? Speculate freely but support your arguments with facts.

    How did we get there? Change does not just occur—it is made. How did the change occur? Which events played a decisive role? Did a specific individual, company, organisation, politician, protest, law or trend serve as the driver of this change? What kind of resistance existed?

    Which events played a key role? Describe the story up until today (2053). Speculate freely!
  3. Write a story based on what you wrote in relation to the first two points. Present your sources at the end. Remember to describe characters, locations and points in time.
  4. Illustrate your choice of contribution to the exhibition; for example, by using a photograph, illustration, video or model.
  5. Present the text and illustration in the manner decided upon by you and your teacher.

Good luck (and have fun)!

Bli först att gilla!

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