Great yellow bumblebee (2053)

Thriving pollinator.

The great yellow bumblebee was all but wiped out in Europe during the fossil era. Its preferred habitat of diverse clover fields largely disappeared as more intensive and supposedly “rational” farming practices became popular.

However, following the adoption of more sustainable and ecological EU agricultural policies in the 2020s, these environments can once again be found in Europe, and the great yellow bumblebee population is increasing. In Sweden, the region of Östergötland hosts an especially robust population, and German bumblebee spotters are known to appear in the area by the trainload every spring.

“Rational” farming: Agriculture using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with the goal of maximising yields, often at the expense of the environment.

This text is part of the future scenario and study material Beyond the Fossil Era.

Bli först att gilla!

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