Minerals (2053)

A sustainability challenge yet to be solved.

With Sweden finally abandoning coal and oil, it became necessary to produce electrical car engines and wind power generators in much greater numbers. Most of the minerals in the picture contain the elements necessary for building car batteries or for storing solar- or wind energy.

The extraction of these elements is seen as problematic by many groups of people. It is a reason to why we are still not living in a fully sustainable society. Especially critical are anti-extractivists and villagers who are affected by mining operations in Sweden and worldwide. This is one of the problems that still need solving. But, new types of batteries and more effective recycling programmes are being developed as we speak.

Anti-extractivists: People or organizations who oppose projects that extract resources for large-scale economic gain (for example mines, large-scale forest plantations and oil fields).

This text is part of the future scenario and study material Beyond the Fossil Era.

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