Visit the Fossil Museum

It is now time to visit the digital museum! Get to know the stories from the fossil era and the transition to a fossil-free society.

1. Discover the fossil museum

Visit the newly opened museum FOSSIL together and have a look at the different objects. Choose one of the objects, such as the artificial grass, and read the story together.

Then discuss:

  • What key events can you find in the story?

2. Spot the factors of change

Change does not just happen by itself. Look at the slideshow featuring examples of various factors that played a part in the changes leading up to 2053.

Go back to the story of the artificial grass again (or whatever object you have chosen). Discuss:

  • What triggered the change?
  • What factors and tools for change can you identify?
  • How did different factors and tools interact with each other?

Let the pupils choose, and then read about, one museum object each. Then let them retell their stories briefly to each other in small groups.

Bli först att gilla!

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