Imagining futures

How do the pupils view their and Sweden's future regarding the climate issue? This slideshow opens up a discussion about how thoughts about the future affect the decisions made in the present, as well as how decisions made today affect the future.

Subjects: En, Sh, SO, Tk

Time: 45 - 60 min.

We often think of the future as something passive, something that slowly approaches the present until it is here. However, the future is not predetermined, it is shaped by the decisions we make and how we act. Our perceptions of the future and of the present always occur in relation to each other and influence each other. Especially in politics, it is common to try to motivate people to do certain things in the present by describing a particular future.

The goal of Imagining Futures is to strengthen the pupils' futures literacy, i.e. to help them develop the ability to critically examine different future stories, and formulate their own desired futures. The slideshow is designed as an exercise for Beyond the Fossil Era, but also works independently.

Lesson plan

Get the pupils to close their eyes. Ask them to imagine themselves 30 years into the future, and to quietly think about that for five minutes. Do the first discussion exercise and then go through the rest of the slide show slide by slide. Finish by doing the Four Axes exercise and discuss it, either while you are doing it or afterwards.

Keep working

Continue working with the material in Beyond the Fossil Era, which aims to give students in-depth knowledge of climate change and the opportunity to work both actively and creatively. By focusing on imagination, pictures and storytelling, the material makes climate change tangible, provides in-depth knowledge and unravels concepts. The material ends with the pupils writing their own climate transition-related stories.

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